Courses Taught


Thesis Examination


External Examiner


Master Thesis

  1. ZATI HANANI BINTI ISMAIL, 2019, Master Thesis, University Terengganu Malaysia, Autonomous Mobile Robot Controller based on Fuzzy Logic Control Algorithm for solving Navigation Issues (National)


Internal Examiner


PhD Thesis

  1. Ahmad Yousef Mohammad Alna Jjar, 2018, PhD Thesis, NAV6, Trustqr: A Technique For The Detection Of Phishing Attacks In Qr Codes
  2. Mohd Nor Akmal Khalid, 2018, PhD Thesis, USM, An Enhanced Artificial Immune System Approach For Assembly Line Balancing Problem Through Bottleneck Identification
  3. Musa Midila Ahmed, 2018, PhD Thesis, USM, An Approach For Secure Message Transmission in Service-Oriented Software Engineering (SOSE)
  4. Salah Salem Saleh Bindahman, 2018, PhD Thesis, USM, Privacy Preservation Integrated Model For Data Publishing Based On Anonymization
  5. Shahram Jalani, 2015, PhD Thesis, USM, A New Number Theory For RSA
  6. Shafiq Ul Rehman, 2017, PhD Thesis, USM, Integrated Framework For Secure Distributed Management of Duplicated IPv6 Address Detection
  7. Samer AbdulSada Mutlag Al-Saleem, 2017, PhD Thesis, USM, Anomaly-based Detection Approach to Detect The Flash Crowd Attack During Flash Event.

Master Thesis

  1. Adebayo, 2019, Master Thesis, USM, Informatic
  2. Siti Nor Liyana Binti Roslan, 2017, Master Thesis, USM, A study on user perception on the possibility of data theft using NFC visa payWave cards in Malaysia
  3. Bai Yuyang, 2016, Master Thesis, USM, Network Intrusion Detection With Hybrid Data Mining Approach.
  4. Salah Saleh Bindhman, 2015, Master Thesis, USM, Utility and Privacy on Data Publishing.
  5. Ahmad Rashid, 2015, Master Thesis – Mixed Mode, USM, Improving Computer Security Warning:- A Mental Model Approach.
  6. Iza Fazlan bin Mohd Noor, 2013, Master Thesis, USM, Effectiveness Quick Response (Qr) Barcode For Self Storage Service Provider.