The SAHOMASI project handled by  Dr. Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh.


SAHOMASI (Smart Home Using MEMS Sensors & Ambient Intelligence)


SAHOMASI is a smart home that uses MEMS Sensors and ambient intelligence. By year 2050, it is estimated that the number of ageing population will exceed 2 billion. Thus, an environment that fits into this ever-growing ageing society is needed in order to allow the elderly  become independent and at the same time preserve their well-being. Hence, Independent living can be defined  as the integration of the various sensors with the person’s (ageing society) daily activities such as a person falling, thermal comfort, health monitoring, and so on.

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  • An automated smart space consisting of a Living Room, Dining with physical Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors, designed and programmed to home appliances
  • Adoption of Echonet-Lite communications protocol for a reliable, low-cost home network that requires no new wiring and is developed using the software
  • Monitoring and predicting home occupant’s lifestyles constructed on their movement patterns and daily activities with Arti­cial Intelligence algorithms
  • Newly designed wrist-based wearable circuit with Accelerometer; PIR and Bluetooth in detecting human movement; whereabouts with the capability of detecting any event (etc. fall) using Human Activity Recognition (HAR)
  • Smartphone-enabled apps implemented with an accelerometer in detecting human movement; whereabouts and any event (etc. fall) using Human Activity Recognition (HAR)
  • Analytics services derived from occupants’ daily logs and events with tips and recommendations for a better and healthier lifestyle
  • Notifications and alerts (e.g. SMS, Twitter) are triggered based on any normal and abnormal (deviation) daily activity logs or misfortune (fall) events


The SAHOMASI lab is divided into two compartments which are the kitchen and living room.





Appliances overview

Picture showing the icons of appliances placed in  SAHOMASI. There are a medicine box, kettle, chair, sofa, temperature and humidity detector, table and wearable wristband.








The real appliances in the SAHOMASI are as shown in the pictures below.




You can watch this video to know more about SAHOMASI.




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