Keynote/Invited Speaker

  1. Invited Speaker at SICSA Cyber Nexus: International Perspectives on Cybercrime, University of Strathclyde. 19 August 2019 “An Integrated Security and Privacy Preservation Framework for Mobile Crowd Sensing in Smart Cities”
  2. Invited Speaker at Simon Fraser University Summer School in Glasgow, 22 August 2019. “ Cybercrime Perspective in Southeast Asia”
  3. Presenter at Conference of Western Criminology, Hawaii, 8th February 2019 “Mitigating Identify Theft with an Enhanced Attribute-based Encryption Technique.
  4. Keynote Speaker at Cyber Nexus: International Perspectives on Cybercrime; University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, August 2018 on “Sentient based Authorization Model for Privacy-Preserving in Military Domain.”
  5. Field Trip and Invited Speaker at Field Trip on International Cybercrime in University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 20th August – 31 August 2018 on “Cybercrime in Malaysia.”
  6. Keynote Speaker on International Workshop on Dependable Operational Network Smart Home Technology between University Sains Malaysia & Japan Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology (JAIST), 2018 on Smart Home Ambient Intelligences for Ageing Society (SAHOMASI)
  7. 2019, Invited Speaker, Integrated Security & Privacy for Mobile Crowdsensing Framework, University of Strathclyde, Nexus 2019, International Perspectives on Cybercrime, Symposium and Summer School (International)
  8. 2018, Keynote Speaker, SAHOMASI, USM-JAIST, USM-JAIST, Workshop on D-NOM (International )
  9. 2018, Keynote Speaker, Smartphone-based Access Control Model in Tackling Advanced Persistent Threat, Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA), Cyber Nexus: International Perspectives on Cybercrime (International)
  10. 2018, Invited Speaker, Cybercrime in ASIA, University of Strathclyde/Glasglow, SFU – University Strathclyde Field Trip, SFU – University Strathclyde Field Trip (International)
  11. 2017, Invited Speaker, Bengkel Computational Thinking for Young Makers, Akademi Sains Malaysia, Young Makers Program 2017 (National)
  12. 2017, Invited Speaker, Invited speaker 1, USM, MDEC, MDEC (National)
  13. 2016, Invited Speaker, Research Communications, USM, Keio University, EBA Workshop 2016Tangkai Cermin Orang Asli Settlement, Perak and Penang, Malaysia (International)
  14. 2012, Invited Speaker, Where to Publish Your Papers?, USM, School of Computer Sciences, Journal & Technical Writing Workshop 2012 (University).

Training & Consultation


  1. CyberSecurity Trainer (USM – Jabil Company Partnership)
  2. Big Data Security Trainer ( USM – Jabil Company Partnership)
  3. IoT Trainer ( National Advanced IPv6 Trainer)
  4. Master Trainer for Computational Thinking for Computer Sciences ( USM- Malaysia Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) – State Education Department)
  5. Deep Learning Training for Undergraduates ( USM – Malaysia Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) )
  6. WICOM Motorola Board Training ( USM – Motorola Solutions, Penang)

For further details, please contact Dr. Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh